The best facial ever!

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Hey you GUYS

How many of you cleanse and moisturise?

How many of you know that if you add a toner in between, it can make your skin look 10x better?

Me neither. I always head for my daily beauty routine of washing, moisturising and then make up! I never knew my skin would look so amazing by just adding a toner.

There is thousands of toner out there all offering the same outcome, the only difference between them is their fancy bottles and their purse smashing price tags.

So how do we know which one to choose?

Well we don’t. It’s that simple. We have to try things to know what works for us, but I have come across a toner that I think will work for most if not a lot of people out there.

I recently received a bottle of toner from Instanatural, a leading skin care brand with a vision to provide safe, effective and affordable skin care products. They focus on using premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without the use of harmful alcohols and chemicals.  I honestly didn’t think it would work, imagine my surprise when I sprayed a small amount onto my hand and not having any reactions but rather a small smooth portion of skin. After that I couldn’t wait to get started and I ended up doing some research on toners.  Here is what I found out:

Toners are used as a prep for moisturising and serums. It rejuvenates and refreshes our skin, balancing out our skin pH as well as removing dead skin cells.

Now lets get down to business 🙂

How to use Instanatural toner – 

First step is to cleanse your skin, you can use a mild face wash or your favourite cleanser. Dry your face by using a dry clean towel, don’t rub your face just gently pat your face dry. Once you are all dry, spray your entire face and neck with Instanatural facial toner. It will feel a little strange spraying liquid all over your face lol But actually it can be quite refreshing once your used to it. The spray dries in naturally but you can use a cotton pad or ball to dry it if necessary.

The spray can be used daily as needed and under makeup. Finish the routine by using your favourite moisturiser. I personally love Nivea soft face cream.

My thoughts –  

After a week of using Instanatural every day, I can honestly say I am so glad I found this product and very sad I never found it before now. My skin feels incredible and walking into family events or social gatherings feels amazing when I have so many people asking if I have been on holiday! My skin is glowing and as cheesy as it sounds my inner self is better for it to, I feel fantastic!

Where can I get this magical stuff? –

Instanatural is available online at for only $17.49, you can also find their range of hair products, eye care and face masks. If you live in the UK you will need to head to Amazon UK to purchase Instanatural, it has super fast delivery and is currently on sale for only £20.95!

The company asked for my honest and unbiased opinion on their product. This post is my honest and unbiased opinion, I truly loved reviewing this product and have now found one of my June favourites already!


(picture is my own)