The Magnitone Experience – Achieving That Summer Glow


My complexion has always caused me issues. One day I am fine and the next blotches and breakouts. I don’t think I have ever found anything that makes my skin look and feel great. I mean face-masks and exfoliation helps but the glow only lasts 2 days tops. A few weeks ago I attended a twitter party held by Bloggers Love and, I was so excited because I was picked to review the Magnitone Lucid. I have a feeling this will help my skin, the reviews are amazing and it says it will help your skin within 7 days. Sounds like a challenge to me!

Lets get started!

I got my little Magnitone box out and thought I would read through the guide it gives us. Its actually really good, tells you everything you need to know technology wise but also a little guide on how to use it properly. I may sound like I am rambling, but I really want to give you all an insight before you buy. Best to know that it will work and its worth it (I can tell this will be 😉 ) So day 1 I have my Magnitone, and I have taken a snap shot of me (no make up!! argh) to record what the Magnitone actually does for your skin within 7 days.

unnamed (9)

Now that the scary shot is out of the way, we can start, so it says to use your cleanser or soap, I want to try both but I will go with my Nivea daily cleanser. Wet the brush head in warm water, rinse your face with warm water and then you can rub your cleanser onto your skin or put it on the brush, up to you. Place the brush on your forehead, the little booklet tells you to start there, as your first zone.Then the brush will guide you through your next two zones, beeping to tell you to move onto the next. Cool huh? Wash your brush head and repeat this process for 7 days.









Wow, I am so happy with my end result. After 7 days my skin looks and feels amazing! Even my make up goes on so much better and I have never ever got up before and been happy to be without some make up on but not now. Magnitone has restored all my self confidence and has made me feel like an all natural women, a proud one at that!

The Magnitone was so much fun to use, the design is so cute, I love the zone beeping indicator, the colours are so pretty and the best part is that I feel it really worked.

The Magnitone Lucid is available to buy online, for only £69.99 just click HERE and it will take you to their amazing site. Once you are there, choose between four colours and enter BLOVE20 at the checkout and you will get 20% off! 

Kerching right? So what are you waiting for, head to Magnitone now and get that sensational summer glow, the best accessory any girl can have this summer!

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