I am a Contour Virgin!

Yes its true, hello my name is Amie Louisa and I am a contour virgin. For so many months, since the “craze” started, I have been unsure whether to try it or not, I guess I was happy with my make up routine and didnt know what the big deal was. So yesterday I went out and got my self the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour set, I got this at Boots for only £6.49.


I am going to try this out, do a step by step photo guide and review it for all those out there that like me haven’t tried it or maybe those who have and are looking to find a cheaper option.

In the set you get 3 powders, first is a highlighter (lighter powder), a bronzer (medium brown) and a sculptor (dark brown). The thing I love about this set is the little guide, contouring looks pretty easy from all the videos I have watched and is also easy to remember but its always good to have a little guide just in case.


OK so step 1 is to put your daily foundation on.

before and after

My before and after foundation shot

For step 2 we highlight our cheekbones, chin and the length of your nose, all the way up to the center of your forehead with the first powder in our Barry M set.


Next we move on to the medium brown,sweep this across your cheeks, forehead and nose.


Then we apply our last shade, the dark brown to the hollows of your cheeks, blending this out all the way to the ears, along your hairline and then down the sides of your nose.


Our final step is to add a little blush this just helps bring a little colour to your face, I am using the Collection blusher “Bashful”, this is my favourite blusher not too pink, its really pretty and it stays on all day.

Ok guys so can we have a drum roll please……..

Final result




Thats it we are done, by now your face should look very chiseled, I have to say I am rather impressed and I now I get what I have been missing out on. I think Barry M Contour set has earned a permanent place in my make up bag!. After you have done your face you can head onto doing your eyes and lips the way you normally do. I can’t believe the difference! I am very very happy to recommend this to everyone and anyone, the have really nailed the chisel cheek look and I cant believe I have just came across this.

You can get yours at Boots online or in store and if you do let me know how it worked for you and if you love it as much as I do.

DIY Wedding Gift/ Extra Wedding Gift

Who else is sick of giving the usual gift at a wedding? Money, spoons, photo frames?

Well my partner and I gave our best friends money, some in English and some for their honeymoon in Bali but also wanted to get them a little something they could keep and look back on. Our friend circle is quite big and they didn’t really get a chance to sit with us much, seeing as it was their day and they were dancing all night. So we took lots of pictures and I have went around and gathered them all up, got them printed and came up with in my eyes the best wedding present ever!

So once you have all your photos, you need to get a scrapbook, I got this cream one for £8.00 on Amazon, its really good perfect size and its blank so plenty of room for your special touches. You will also need some scrap book extras, like stickers, ribbon, flowers, anything you want really. You don’t want too much and you don’t want something that is bulky, otherwise your book wont close. DSCN2771

I got some crystal letters, silver wedding stickers, paper flowers (same colour as her bridesmaids) and I also got some wooden hearts, I actually got them from her wedding so I thought that would be a cute touch.  I got my scrapbook goodies from The Range, all of these were only £1.00 each.




Arrange your photos and stickers out first making sure that you are happy before you stick them down. Once you do a couple of pages you get into the swing of things and might not need to arrange and just let your creativity flow. I really enjoyed making this book and I think this is such a cute and unique extra little gift that you give the person. I am actually going to go around and get our friends to write a few words next to their picture, just as a little extra.

The book only costs £15 to make including the pictures being printed and I think with yourself making it, it really makes it special. So why not try something different and make your wedding gift this year, and if you are stuck for a wedding to go to, you can even try making one for another special occasion.

Happy Crafting Guys!

Tattoo Elegance

I have always wanted a tattoo, but never one that would stay longer than a week. Like trends my love of tattoos, or hairstyles or anything beauty related tends to come and go. So when I was given the opportunity to try this seasons hot new trend – metallic tattoos, I was all for it. I honestly thought like before I would grow bored of these but boy was wrong!

When I was little the trend was temporary tattoos, of course back then it came with gum and was always a butterfly, the trend is back but this time it’s a little more elegant.

Thanks to companies like Tesora London and Lyla Loves, we girlies can have the hottest trend sent right to our door and for as little as £1.00!

I couldn’t wait to get started, I had no idea where to put them, I was so excited! I decided to spread my little test and review over a few weeks so I can use them more lol


Hamsa hand is from the ‘Iris’ collection by Tesora London and the arrow is from the ‘Mixed Summer’ collection by Lyla Loves

unnamed (71)

Feather infinity tattoo is from the ‘Mixed Summer’ collection by Lyla Loves


Gold tattoo is from Lyla Loves ‘Mixed Summer’ collection. I also got these amazing rings from Lyla Loves to!


Large Hamsa hand is from ‘Iris’ collection by Tesora London

unnamed (70)

The ‘Iris’ pack by Tesora London and the ‘Mixed Summer’ Pack by Lyla Loves

unnamed (5)

The application for both were so easy. All you need to do is choose your tattoo(s), cut it out, peel back the clear covering and place it on your skin. Grab a towel, wet the end and press onto the tattoo for 30 – 50 seconds and voila! It was so easy and after one you just cant wait to try another. The tattoos last around 3-5 days before they start to fade. Which personally I think is just the perfect amount of time, especially for those heading to festivals or parties this summer.

I had so much fun with these tattoos, they are so easy to apply and are super cute! I think instead of getting a real tattoo I will buy one of each pack from both these companies and just have a new one every 3 days!

You can find the lovely Tesora London by clicking HERE and you can find the gorgeous Lyla Loves by clicking HERE.