A Night at Michaelangelo’s


The other day my partner and I were looking for a place to eat. Being obsessed with Frankie and Bennys have proven to be a strain on our wallets. We wanted to find somewhere different and that is how we found ourselves in Michaelangelo’s in Clarkston. The small restaurant was somehow full of people, I never thought you could fit so many into one long and narrow room.  Although the restaurant was full, the staff were amazing and the atmosphere was surprisingly comforting.

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After 3 courses we were stuffed. I had the most amazing mozzarella fritters I have ever had and the tomato and chili sauce was just to die for. The food was out of this world and the man, who I am assuming was the owner was the nicest man I have ever met. He was so down to earth and made you feel at home. The settings were modern with a classic Italian twist. A Clarkston gem!

BBQ Snack Recipe

Hey you guys

Jumping out of my beauty world for a day. The sun is finally out and am sure the BBQs will be out soon to.To celebrate our old faithful sun making an appearance I am going to share with you one of my favourite summer recipes.

I came up with this one on my own, its a little party mixer, perfect for BBQs and sharing platters for your guests.

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What you need:


Feta Cheese

Red Onions


Mature Cheese


Now that we have all of our ingredients lets get cooking! I haven’t put down any quantities or measurements, purely down to taste some might like more feta than others or more potatoes so I will leave it down to you.

1. Cut your potatoes in half, and add them to boiling water and boil until soft.

2. While they are boiling, cut up your onions, bacon and  feta (if they aren’t already cut into cubes) Slowly cook your bacon until crispy.

3. Once soft take your potatoes and drain them. Use a spoon to carve the potato out of its skin. Be very careful when doing this, the skin might split which means it will all fall apart once its grilled. I would say always make more than what you are going to eat in case some do. Keep your skins, your gonna need them!

4. Mix the potato, red onions, butter and the feta together. Be careful not to squash your cubes of feta 🙂

5. Using your spoon scoop the mixture back the skins that you kept from earlier.

6. Grab your cheese and grate a fair amount over each potato skin and top with your cooked bacon.

7. Place your skins onto tin foil and grill them for about 5 minutes at around 180c or your medium heat setting. If you need to grill them for a little longer by all means:)

That is it guys! Simple right and they taste amazing! Don’t be afraid to experiment, I love putting chicken and hot sauce in mine with cheese mmmm. If you decide to try these out at home, send in what you added or changed I would love to try new some new ingredients.

Happy cooking guys!

BBQ Snack (1)

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