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Hey guys!

So this week I have been a little MIA, been crazy busy with work, college and now I have decided to re decorate our room just before am due to leave for London. Yes I am a little crazy if not a lot of crazy. Yeah so been super busy but I wanted to check in and share with you all this amazing new brand I have recently worked with, The brand is called Mesauda Cosmetics, they specialise in all things beauty, facial make up, lips, nails and accessories and this week they gave me a chance to try out their amazing desert sands bronzer.


I decided to test run the bronzer, when I went to my friends engagement party on saturday, the bronzer is very glittery when its on your skin, so I wouldnt use this for my normal day to day make up. I started out with my normal beauty routine and added on my Mesauda bronzer at the end. The smooth texture made it look as if I didnt have anything on, the only thing you could see was the sparkly glitter, which was perfect when I hit the dance floor I was all sparkly and even after all the dancing no top up was needed!


 I am extremely impressed with this product, I had so much fun trying out a new product and on every night out I will be wearing this!

I am a Contour Virgin!

Yes its true, hello my name is Amie Louisa and I am a contour virgin. For so many months, since the “craze” started, I have been unsure whether to try it or not, I guess I was happy with my make up routine and didnt know what the big deal was. So yesterday I went out and got my self the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour set, I got this at Boots for only £6.49.


I am going to try this out, do a step by step photo guide and review it for all those out there that like me haven’t tried it or maybe those who have and are looking to find a cheaper option.

In the set you get 3 powders, first is a highlighter (lighter powder), a bronzer (medium brown) and a sculptor (dark brown). The thing I love about this set is the little guide, contouring looks pretty easy from all the videos I have watched and is also easy to remember but its always good to have a little guide just in case.


OK so step 1 is to put your daily foundation on.

before and after

My before and after foundation shot

For step 2 we highlight our cheekbones, chin and the length of your nose, all the way up to the center of your forehead with the first powder in our Barry M set.


Next we move on to the medium brown,sweep this across your cheeks, forehead and nose.


Then we apply our last shade, the dark brown to the hollows of your cheeks, blending this out all the way to the ears, along your hairline and then down the sides of your nose.


Our final step is to add a little blush this just helps bring a little colour to your face, I am using the Collection blusher “Bashful”, this is my favourite blusher not too pink, its really pretty and it stays on all day.

Ok guys so can we have a drum roll please……..

Final result




Thats it we are done, by now your face should look very chiseled, I have to say I am rather impressed and I now I get what I have been missing out on. I think Barry M Contour set has earned a permanent place in my make up bag!. After you have done your face you can head onto doing your eyes and lips the way you normally do. I can’t believe the difference! I am very very happy to recommend this to everyone and anyone, the have really nailed the chisel cheek look and I cant believe I have just came across this.

You can get yours at Boots online or in store and if you do let me know how it worked for you and if you love it as much as I do.

A Sunday kinda app… My app of the week!

The week has gone so fast, we are at Sunday and most will be heading back to work 😦

But not to fear Amie is here lol I have a new and exciting app to share with you, one that all you bloggers will love!

Introducing “Bamboo Paper”, my totally amazing app of the week!

Let me tell you why it has made its way to the top of my list 🙂


When I first saw Bamboo Paper, I thought could it possibly be a drawing app, or maybe one of those apps you download content from online and place in little scrap books. Well I was wrong, and I am glad I was! 🙂

Bamboo Paper is actually your very own virtual notebook. You can choose your colour, name your notebook and you can even choose what paper you would like in your notebook!

Once you open your notebook the possibilities are endless. I use my app for blogging, I add in my pictures I have taken for my post, then scribble some notes down.

I also love to use it when I am out and about. I can take photos of anything that inspires me, stick it in my notebook, write down what I was thinking about and what I want to write. Its honestly amazing for people like me who tend to think of something and then completely forget an hour later lol Along with my Busy B stationery, this app is making my blogging life a whole lot easier!

unnamed (82)

unnamed (81)

Bamboo Paper is available to download on Android, Windows and Itunes App Store.

          A must have for any blogger!    

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Review – Busy B Stationery

Are you a busy blogger?  A busy mum? Or are you a social butterfly? If you are one or all these then I have the perfect product for you.

If you are a Busy B like me, social events, family events, blogging and studying then without a doubt I would recommend Busy B Stationery. I recently received two items from their amazing notes and lists range. Their range is full of amazing goodies, planners, notebooks, list pads, sticky notes and pens! I could spend all day on their site.

The two items I got through were the weekly planner and the mini notebook.

unnamed (59)

The weekly planner is incredible. It has seven columns for each day of the week. Each day has plenty of room for you to write down your daily activities. As you can see I have filled mine in for next week, it has proven a god send, keeping me on track of what I need to do. The planner comes with two cute magnets so that you can stick your weekly plan on the fridge and the pad doubles up as a mouse pad to!

unnamed (64)

The weekly planner from Busy B is only £8.99 a total steal! It has 60 pages or 60 weeks of planning so this one is a must have!

I was also sent a mini notebook.

unnamed (63)unnamed (60) unnamed (61)

  It is the perfect size to pop in your handbag, it has a pocket at the back to keep notes or receipts in and the feeling you get when you open it and get to write on fresh paper tops it all of.

The A6 mini notebook is only £4.99 from Busy B, bargain or what?


Together these two make the perfect couple, I am planning on using them religiously every week for my blog posts and then throughout my studies in August.

I am truly amazed by Busy B stationery, the amount of thought that has went into each product shines through. The design is out of this world and I guarantee every blogger, mother or social butterfly out there needs one if not all of the Busy B products.

You can buy their products online at busyb.co.uk or you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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I received the above items for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. Everything above is my honest and unbiased opinions