Mesauda Cosmetics

Hey guys!

So this week I have been a little MIA, been crazy busy with work, college and now I have decided to re decorate our room just before am due to leave for London. Yes I am a little crazy if not a lot of crazy. Yeah so been super busy but I wanted to check in and share with you all this amazing new brand I have recently worked with, The brand is called Mesauda Cosmetics, they specialise in all things beauty, facial make up, lips, nails and accessories and this week they gave me a chance to try out their amazing desert sands bronzer.


I decided to test run the bronzer, when I went to my friends engagement party on saturday, the bronzer is very glittery when its on your skin, so I wouldnt use this for my normal day to day make up. I started out with my normal beauty routine and added on my Mesauda bronzer at the end. The smooth texture made it look as if I didnt have anything on, the only thing you could see was the sparkly glitter, which was perfect when I hit the dance floor I was all sparkly and even after all the dancing no top up was needed!


 I am extremely impressed with this product, I had so much fun trying out a new product and on every night out I will be wearing this!

Nourish Skin Care

There are so many skincare product ranges out there and to be honest I do tend to stick to that one brand that I am used to. But me being me, I do love to try out new things and love showing you my readers the options we have out there when it comes to our skincare routine.

I will be honest, I had never heard of Nourish skin care before I wrote this post. I looked through their website and I noticed the difference between the products I buy regularly and their products right away.  The Nourish brand is completely focused on vegan and organic skincare. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, mineral oils and silicones. Instead they use all organic ingredients and natural extracts. Probably like a lot of you out there, I have never paid full attention to what is actually in my skincare products. With nourish I know exactly what is in there and its really good to know that they are all made to be the best for your skin and really give it that glow.



I was asked to test and review their Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser – £16.50 50ml  This is a multi tasking treatment, you get 3 treatments in one product. Cleanser, facial and face-mask. I found this really exciting, I don’t get to test one I get to test all three.

1. Cleanser – I decided to use my Magnitone brush (£69.99 – magnitone.co.uk)  to test out the cleanser aspect of the cream. After using my Nivea cleanser with my Magnitone since I got it, I was excited and apprehensive to see the outcome. The cleanser is really good, the smell was a little strange to begin with. The scent made me think of the Vicks inhaler that you use when you get a blocked nose, but after using it a few times the scent becomes somewhat familiar and comforting. My skin was really clean, soft and felt good all day.


2. Revitalising Facial – This is a great feature, perfect when you have had that long day and need to relax. Use the cleanser scrub as a mask by rubbing it all over your face, remember and avoid the area around your eyes. Leave it on for 5 mins and use your toner or water to soften it, massage gently and then rinse with cold water. This one is perfect on the morning, when your eating your breakfast, drinking your tea. I used this before work and it really gives you a cute morning glow and it makes you feel awesome, ready to go!


3. Exfoliating Mask – Use this everyday in your skin care routine for that amazing ready to go skin. Rub onto dry skin for 2 mins and then rinse. Its pretty much the same directions that you get for all exfoliators. The outcome of this cleanser/exfoliator is far better than what I have used. It is so soft and so easy to apply, it leaves your skin smelling so fresh and clean. Like I have went and got a full body scrub at a a fancy spa.

Nourish skincare is such an eyeopener. I honestly wish I had paid more attention to my skin, and what I was using over the years. The results from using this are unbelievable, my skin has never looked or felt so good. The range is slightly dearer than other products in this category, but I have to say it is worth it. With Nourish, the ingredients are fresh, organic and really do leave your skin feeling good. You can easily change or add this into your skincare routine. After using this one product, I would love to try more from them. The end results from this one product is enough for me to change my skincare routine completely.

You can grab their full range at nourishskinrange.com/products 

Miracle Gel!

How many ladies out there suffer that horrible effect you get when you have a long night? No not a hangover. I am talking about those little dark lines under our eyes that just scream “I HAVEN’T SLEPT!”

Well what if I told you that I have found a miracle gel that will take them away and double up as an eye make-up remover?

Thought so…this little miracle gel is from AA Skincare, a new natural skincare brand launched by Amphora Aromatics Ltd.

They combine traditional formulas with exotic herbs, spices, perfumes and oils inspired by the souks and markets of near eastern countries.

The seaweed and aloe gel is a must have in every girls make-up bag! It acts as a cooler for tired eyes, perfect for sensitive skin and it safely removes eye make-up.


To use simply pump a little of the gel onto your fingers and rub underneath your eyes and the grab a cotton wool ball and just rub underneath your eye where you applied the gel. You will feel it cooling and soothing instantly, and after a few days of using even my boyfriend noticed my eyes looked brighter.

If you are wanting to use it as a eye make-up remover simply put some gel onto the eye area (the lid and underneath), then use a cotton wool ball to rub it off.


The best thing about AA skincares range is the price. Their entire gel range which ranges from first aid gel to calming multipurpose gel are all only £6.96! I am super pleased with this gel, it has no doubt earned itself a firm place in my beauty bag. I will take it with me on every holiday, night out and festival I ever go to!


You can grab a bottle for yourself HERE or you can head to their MAIN SITE where there is a selection of face masks and MOISTURIsING lotion!

I was sent this product for my honest and unbiased opinion, the above post is completely my honest and biased opinion.

The best facial ever!

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Hey you GUYS

How many of you cleanse and moisturise?

How many of you know that if you add a toner in between, it can make your skin look 10x better?

Me neither. I always head for my daily beauty routine of washing, moisturising and then make up! I never knew my skin would look so amazing by just adding a toner.

There is thousands of toner out there all offering the same outcome, the only difference between them is their fancy bottles and their purse smashing price tags.

So how do we know which one to choose?

Well we don’t. It’s that simple. We have to try things to know what works for us, but I have come across a toner that I think will work for most if not a lot of people out there.

I recently received a bottle of toner from Instanatural, a leading skin care brand with a vision to provide safe, effective and affordable skin care products. They focus on using premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without the use of harmful alcohols and chemicals.  I honestly didn’t think it would work, imagine my surprise when I sprayed a small amount onto my hand and not having any reactions but rather a small smooth portion of skin. After that I couldn’t wait to get started and I ended up doing some research on toners.  Here is what I found out:

Toners are used as a prep for moisturising and serums. It rejuvenates and refreshes our skin, balancing out our skin pH as well as removing dead skin cells.

Now lets get down to business 🙂

How to use Instanatural toner – 

First step is to cleanse your skin, you can use a mild face wash or your favourite cleanser. Dry your face by using a dry clean towel, don’t rub your face just gently pat your face dry. Once you are all dry, spray your entire face and neck with Instanatural facial toner. It will feel a little strange spraying liquid all over your face lol But actually it can be quite refreshing once your used to it. The spray dries in naturally but you can use a cotton pad or ball to dry it if necessary.

The spray can be used daily as needed and under makeup. Finish the routine by using your favourite moisturiser. I personally love Nivea soft face cream.

My thoughts –  

After a week of using Instanatural every day, I can honestly say I am so glad I found this product and very sad I never found it before now. My skin feels incredible and walking into family events or social gatherings feels amazing when I have so many people asking if I have been on holiday! My skin is glowing and as cheesy as it sounds my inner self is better for it to, I feel fantastic!

Where can I get this magical stuff? –

Instanatural is available online at instanatural.com for only $17.49, you can also find their range of hair products, eye care and face masks. If you live in the UK you will need to head to Amazon UK to purchase Instanatural, it has super fast delivery and is currently on sale for only £20.95!

The company asked for my honest and unbiased opinion on their product. This post is my honest and unbiased opinion, I truly loved reviewing this product and have now found one of my June favourites already!


(picture is my own)