New Look and Primark Haul

Friday has arrived, which means only one thing,its payday! I had been on the internet for hours over the last few days, looking through clothes that I would like for my new job. The time has finally come to show you what I got, there are still a few pieces missing that I need to get, but I thought why not make it into two shopping trips!

unnamed (61)

First up I got this amazing skirt from New Look, a leather look skirt was on my list and I found this one in the sale for only £7.00 down from £12.99. Planning on pairing this with some cute tops in the Autumn with tights and then some cute sweaters to wear with it in the winter with thicker tights. Versatile.

unnamed (62)

Next up is this cute tan suede skirt, am not actually sure why I got this or what I am going to put it with yet, I just love it so much and had to have it. This one was also on sale for only £9.00 down from £19.99, a great bargain! I am thinking tights ith tan boots for autumn with maybe a cream top or sweter, not too sure but I cant wait to start styling it up.

unnamed (64)

Next to the skirts was a rack full of jumpers and me being me I had to go through it! There wasn’t much in my size but I did find this cutie. It went amazing with the first skirt when I tried it on, so one sweater can be ticked of my list. This was only £8.00 down from £17.99 so that saves some pennies to buy more.

unnamed (63)

After New Look we headed to Primark, I know there are a few out there that dislike Primark and find there things lacking in quality compared to other stores. But I think Primark is rather good and if you right there could be some hidden gems. Today I couldn’t find any, I think by this point I was starving and lacking the motivation to do any more. However I did pick up some tights to go with my skirt. A bargain at £3.00 for 3 pairs, just in case I get a hole, I tend to rip my tights within the first hour but for a pound each you cant go wrong.

unnamed (65)

Just as I was about to pay I spotted these, I actually wanted them in navy but the black were actually really cute and I could easily pair these up with a cute cami and jeans or with my H and M sailor skirt. They said £8.00 on the ticket but turns out they were only £4.00, so I am super happy, I might actually go back tomorrow and pick a white pair up for my holidays. Means if they get dirty or ruined I wont be too sad as they were only £4.00.

unnamed (66)

Well that’s my hauling done for the day, I have to say shopping can be tiring. But I had so much fun and I cant wait for round two and I cant wait to style these up and show you all.

Happy Shopping Guys!