DIY Beauty Treatments – Do They Work? PART 2 Honey and Oatmeal Face Mask

honeyHey you guys!

Welcome to part two of DIY beauty treatments – do they work? In my first post I set out to test and review three DIY beauty treatments, since there is so many out there that claim to work, I thought I would try them out for myself and then share with you if they actually work and also a little tutorial so you can try for yourself 🙂

My first test was DIY honey and sugar lip scrub. I would say it worked out rather well after a month of weekly use I have chap free soft lips everyday. You can check out the review and tutorial here.

Ok so lets get down to number two! Today I am trying the honey and oatmeal face mask.

This face mask should give you clean, clear soft skin and reduce acne scars.

Reading a few tutorials on this, there has been nothing but positive reviews so lets get started!

what nees

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Little tip before we get started best do this in the bathroom or near some sort of sink lol It can get a little messy!

Grab your ingredients and a bowl and mix them all together, I used a table spoon but if you would rather use a different utensil by all means lol

unnamed (35)

So we should have something like this when we are done mixing. Now we have our mix we get to the messy bit!

Dive straight in and scoop some onto you hand and rub into skin, those who aren’t at a sink will now know why we need to be at the sink lol

unnamed (1)

What do we think? Face mask selfie! lol

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, you will feel your face tighten a little as the honey dries in but nothing to worry about. After 15 minutes wash your face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

After my mask, (this wasn’t suggested in any tutorial) I decided to put on some soft Nivea face cream,as I do everyday. Just to give it a little omph! 🙂

unnamed (39)

Ok so face mask is done and cleaned off. All tutorials say that this mask will give you clean, clear skin, soft to touch and reduced acne scars. After my first use, my skin was very clean and very soft. My acne scars were slightly reduced, I think I may need to do this mask every night to really test if it reduces them. I dont really notice a huge difference with my scars but my skin was super soft and looked really good after it.

This face mask works! 4/5 from me, definitely try this one guys, totally worth a go and have some with it why not add some lemon juice to 🙂

Why not try it out for your self and let me know how it goes and why not tweet me your #facemaskselfie @AmieLouisa23 🙂