A Sunday kinda app… My app of the week!

The week has gone so fast, we are at Sunday and most will be heading back to work 😦

But not to fear Amie is here lol I have a new and exciting app to share with you, one that all you bloggers will love!

Introducing “Bamboo Paper”, my totally amazing app of the week!

Let me tell you why it has made its way to the top of my list 🙂


When I first saw Bamboo Paper, I thought could it possibly be a drawing app, or maybe one of those apps you download content from online and place in little scrap books. Well I was wrong, and I am glad I was! 🙂

Bamboo Paper is actually your very own virtual notebook. You can choose your colour, name your notebook and you can even choose what paper you would like in your notebook!

Once you open your notebook the possibilities are endless. I use my app for blogging, I add in my pictures I have taken for my post, then scribble some notes down.

I also love to use it when I am out and about. I can take photos of anything that inspires me, stick it in my notebook, write down what I was thinking about and what I want to write. Its honestly amazing for people like me who tend to think of something and then completely forget an hour later lol Along with my Busy B stationery, this app is making my blogging life a whole lot easier!

unnamed (82)

unnamed (81)

Bamboo Paper is available to download on Android, Windows and Itunes App Store.

          A must have for any blogger!    

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