Ocean Spray Nail Tutorial

Hey Guys!

As you know from previous posts or maybe you dont lol I am a nail polish addict lol

Thing is I have noticed that I never experiment with them, its always the same plain colour. So I was playing around with some colours and patterns and this design is my favourite! I thought what better way to show you than to give you not only pictures but a tutorial on how to do it yourself. Its bright, funky and perfect for the summer!

unnamed (20)

Grab 3 bottles of polish, I choose the name ocean spray down to the colours I chose but you can choose any three colours you like! If you choose different colours, take some pictures I would to see them!

Ok we have our 3 colours, pick one to be your base colour – make sure that you can see the other two colours on this colour, otherwise the look wouldn’t work 🙂

Apply your base coat and let it dry completely, if you need to do more than one coat by all means 🙂

For this next part you will need a cotton wool ball or a cotton wool pad. If you are using a cotton wool ball just pull it apart a little until it is fluffy. If you are using the cotton wool pads, simply tear a pad in half.

Now use the second colour and dab the nail polish onto the cotton wool as you can see from the picture below 🙂

unnamed (22)

 Dab it onto your completely dry nails to create a splatter effect.

Once this has dried grab your third colour and use the other half of the pad or a new cotton wool ball and repeat the process above 🙂

Once dried it will look like an awesome ocean spray effect on your nails!

A little tip! Have some cotton buds handy and at the end if any polish has went onto your skin, dip the bud into nail remover and gently rub it off. The small bud will prevent your nail from being touched and ruined 🙂

unnamed (23)

There we are guys, beautiful, quick, summer spray nails!

Experiment with colours and embellishments and post them to the comments! Why not send me some pictures to, I will create a look book at the end of the month and  I would love to add them to it 🙂



Pictures Owned By Me