Summer Saviour Kit

The weather is hotting up, our play-suits are on and the sun tan lotion is at hand.  With all this amazing weather we tend to get caught up in all the excitement, and forget all the necessitates. Our hair, skin and lips still need looking after, especially in this hot weather. I have a little kit that I use when the weather turns nice, I use some of these products even when it disappears to but these products become somewhat of a saviour when you are out in the sun.



Sweet Cecilys Elderflower and Almond Hand-cream is perfect for keeping your hands soft and smelling beautiful in the hot weather. Perfect size for keeping in your make up bag. £6.95 – Sweet Cecilys 


The old favourite! Vaseline has always been a savior, but in hot days this is something to always keep in your bag. Perfect for keeping your lips shiny and moisturised. £1.95 – Boots  


Sanctuary body butter. I love this in the summer, it has that amazing sun tan lotion smell and it keeps my skin soft all day. When I wear this my tan turns out better to! £10.00 – Boots


Andrew Collinge styling gel. This is a great one for the summer, use before you go out and it keeps your hair straight and smooth all day! I tend to get extremely frizzy hair in this weather, think Monica Gellar in Barbados lol This is a great tool for me I use it everyday to keep my hair slick and styled!


Last but not least is my Magnitone! I love love love my Magnitone. Use it with your exfoliating cream to prepare your skin for that gorgeous tan! It is a must have in your tool kit this summer, cleansing, exfoliating, and daily cleaning. You will see the difference in your skin within 7 days! £69.99 – Magnitone

That’s it my essential summer saviour kit!

Dont forget your sun-cream guys, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!! 🙂