Going back to go forward

This week has been a little different for me, I decided back in June that I would go back to college and follow a new career path. Although I am only 23 everyone in my course apart from one is younger than me and was starting to question myself, is this something I should be doing? I am now weirdly starting to feel my age and even though the doubts came I am now happy in my life and feel confident that I can get my degree in travel, travel with my partner and get my dream travel and tourism job!

A lot of work but I am ready to go. First thing was my induction which was on Monday morning, well in my head it was Thursday, got dressed, stressed out a little and then remembered it was Monday opps. I did write it on my calendar by the way but with everything that is going on I  graciously managed to to go about my week in my bubble and completely forgot to look at my calendar that week. My induction turned out not to be as scary, everyone was fab and I settled into my role of the nutter within about mmm 2 seconds. I got all my timetables and diaries and such, turns out I am learning Spanish this year. Good luck. My brain just doesn’t react well to languages I just cant seem to get them. With my choice of travel and tourism as a career I am praying that Spanish sticks not like my high school french which seems to be non existent.

I don’t think it has sunk in completely that, I have a job that I love, that I am going back to college and that right now I am somewhat happy. I am a little nervous about going back and how I will take to being educated after 4 years of educating myself, not with travel or tourism but with life and becoming an adult. Has anyone else taken a break from education? How did you feel about going back?

I don’t normally write such personal posts but after writing all this down I feel great, I have went from freaking out to being calm. Maybe going back means I can go forward.


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Who knew a world existed where you can get things for free? Not me! At the beginning I thought the world of samples where restricted to the supermarket when you got free cheese lol

After scrolling through the internet I came across some awesome websites and since this week I am focusing on students what better way to get the word out there than a blog post!

Being a student is hard, late nights, studying, exams, classes, and the worst the money. Its tight, in fact its tight for all of us student or not. So I have made up a little list of some of the best freebie websites out there. Some people might be a little hesitant to try these, its ok I was to. But this week I have had protein powder, shampoo, skin care, dog food and make up for FREE!. They are sample sizes but I love trying new things every day so having new make up or new shampoo to try is exciting stuff!

Even if money isn’t tight, the exciting part is getting new things in the post to try for free. Its that warm fuzzy feeling you get when a package arrives, you all know what I mean! 🙂

OK so my first one is Latest Free Stuff, this is a UK based website (not to worry i will add a USA one to) Click on the link here, once you are in, its so easy to start grabbing freebies. There is a panel to the left hand side with lots of categories to choose from, my favourite is the top 20 category, its where the best ones live 🙂

Once you have found a freebie you like, click the “Get Freebie” button, once you do you will be redirected to the company’s website where they ask for you name, email, address etc Very easy to fill in, really quick and all you do after that is put your feet up and wait for the post! Its that simple!

Its a fantastic website and its so easy to use guys head on over there now their latest freebie is perfume! 🙂

             Latest Free Stuff

An American one next, this one is called Free Stuff Finder, you can get onto the site by clicking here. This one is a little more all over the place compared to the last one. There isnt any categories, so you have to literally sit and search through the site. The reason I choose as one of the best is the freebies. They upload regularly and have some awesome freebies. Living in the UK I cant personally use this site, my friend does and living in the USA she says its the best!

Samples normally take up to a month to arrive so don’t panic! I normally go on everyday and see what is on offer, which means when I get my first lot in I know it wont be long until my other goodies arrive! 🙂

So open a newtab, load up these sites, what are you waiting for?

Freebies await you!

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