Clo Clo London Mini Haul

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When a girl hears sale she hears shopping and when Clo Clo London announced their penny sale I heard haul!

I have never heard of a penny sale but the penny part got my attention. When I got on the site they still had so much left, but each customer was limited to only 5 pieces each, so my haul became a mini haul.

After a few days wait my pieces are here, hope you like them ūüôā

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What a haul, or should I say mini haul. Every item was 1p and the delivery was ¬£2.99, never had a bargain like this in my life! I hope other businesses catch on and do a penny sale to hint hint misguided! ūüôā

Fragrance Friday – Kelly Brooks Audition

Another Friday has arrived and this one is set to be a busy one. My partners best friend is getting married today, as a guest I want to look and smell fabulous! I planned my outfit months ago and I was so lucky to be able to design a bracelet on Mink and Stone , so that meant my jewellery was sorted to. All that was left was my signature scent, I normally have 3 perfumes that I love to wear, and although some might think this is crazy choosing a perfume, finishes of your outfit as much as a pair of shoes.

The other day I was sent through a gorgeous bottle of Kelly Brooks new perfume Audition. Naturally a girls dream getting perfume sent to her house, I got very excited and couldn’t wait to try it out. ¬†After a few¬†sprays, I have decided to make it Fragrance Friday favourite and wear it to the wedding! Signature scent sorted.



The design: The perfume its self is gorgeous, but not forgetting the bottle and box. The bottle is just stunning, I almost get a Channel theme screaming from it. Its so classy and elegant. I am an absolute sucker for gold, so this ticks all the boxes for me. Even though you cant wear the box or bottle, it looks incredible on my dresser.

What it smells like: I honestly think it smells gorgeous, a few other girls disagree with me but its all about taste. The top notes are apple, melon and bergamot. Mix that with amber and musk and its my kind of perfume. Its so fruity and strong, it lasts all day.

Where to wear it: I never go against my better judgement, so this is me stepping well outside the box. This perfume I would say is more during the day, girly lunch, day out with family type of scent but I am going to go wild and wear it at night. Being a night guest to the wedding, I let this scent inspire me, I am going for a black classy jumpsuit, big sparkle heels and gold accessories. The scent makes me feel sexy, classy and elegant. I think this scent is perfect for night to.

You can get yourself a 100ml bottle for only £11.89! Just click here 

Up up and away…

Last summer my partner and I with his family drove to the outskirts of Edinburgh to visit The Flight Museum.

I didn’t have my blog back then, so I fished out some awesome photos from that day.

It was amazing! You were allowed onto the large air crafts and free to look around. For someone like me who loves to travel and who has being flying since I was 1 it was like a candy store!

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The museum is located at East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian.


There is an admission fee of £10 but is totally worth it! There is always something on, the kite show, the wartime experience or the air show so it is totally worth it!

If you are ever¬†in Scotland head to the National Museum of Flight ūüôā



Sewing Experiment

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Watching E! Entertainment Television proved to be a productive thing to do this morning. While watching Who Wore It Better, I thought to myself some of these outfits look amazing but cost way over my budget!

So having some spare fabric around the house I grabbed some awesome green poppy fabric and a grey vest top. I lay my vest top on the fabric and drew around it, I drew a bit wider than what it actually was (so I could adjust the fit). I cut out my two pieces and sat for way over an hour sewing it together!

I have to say this is such a proud moment for me lol! I have made mostly cushions before this and have always dreamed of making something I could wear.

It is totally worth it and isn’t that hard to do! I will post a tutorial soon so that all you lovely people can wear something that no one else will have. ūüôā




Fruity Smooth

the fruity al smoothie

Summer is almost here guys and what better way to stay healthy and hydrated than some super fruity smoothies!

One of my favourites is one of my own little inventions, The Fruity Al Smoothie.

You will need:

A 500ml bottle (I am using my blend active bottle which I got with my Breville Blend-Active £29.99 from Amazon UK)

Small handful of raspberries

Small handful of blueberries

Few chunks of mango

One whole strawberry with greens

100ml of low fat yoghurt

200ml of Alpo almond milk



If you feel like mixing it up why not swap your almond milk for apple juice or my new favourite Tropicana fruit and veg juice!

Remember you don need to go spending a fortune on a blender to make these. I bought my partner the new Blend-Active by Breville for £29.99 from amazon.co.uk and it is amazing! It comes with 2 500ml bottles, 2 600ml bottles and a cute little recipe book. After a month of use it has to be the best £29.99 I have ever spent. Everyone who comes over is always wanting to use it!

It has been my inspiration to get healthy and workout, they are so delicious!



A little new here

Hey guys!

You have found yourself in my little world of blogging!

I have decided to take a huge step in my life, travel the world, complete an HNC in travel and tourism, and I want to share every step of it with you!

Stick around I will be posting daily tips, advice, must haves and some awesome travel shots of my adventures!