An Afternoon in Troon


Today we ended up in South Ayrshire, this is my absolute favourite place to go! I love the beach, I always feel calm when I am on the beach, happy and peaceful. We spent most of the day walking on the beach and then found ourselves in an “Italian” restaurant. It said Italian but the menu was everything but Italian, I think the only thing Italian was lasagna, the rest of the menu was trout, steak pie etc  no where near Italian. It was good I have to say I was impressed although I have never ever seen a salad from a restaurant with grapes, strawberries and melon in it but hey I am open to new experiences lol.



After the “Italian” fiasco, we starting walking around all the cute shops, and I ended up not get something not for myself but for my boyfriend who loves loves loves classical music. We always have a little debate whether music sounds better on a record machine or on an iPod but that story is for another day.  Yeah so I picked up 4 records, that I am hoping he will love, he is down in England working 😦 so I am so excited to see him and show him his new records. I love the art work on these, the picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are so funky, I love them. He can have the records I will have the covers lol. record

A great day out with the family just what I needed for going back to college tomorrow I am a little nervous…. ok very nervous. Wish me luck!

Pictures were taken with my Iphone today because my boyfriend has stolen my camera for work! 😦

You can shop the post below:

Bird Cami 

Skinny Jeans

Glasses are from Primark

Sandals are from Primark also

Cloudberry Living Haul!

I recently won a £100 voucher to spend online at Cloudberry Living. I was so excited to win this, my partner and I have been talking about getting our own little place for so long. Winning this voucher has pushed us in the right direction, we have decided to move in together in a year or so and we thought what better way to start than to to get free things for our house!

The first thing we got, this one will sound so silly to most people but my boyfriend loves glasses and jars he has a strange obsession with them lol. So he picked out this gorgeous water carafe’, I think its lovely, in my mind I thought it would look amazing when we have our first guests over. Eek!


Next we both choose these tumblers, my boyfriends family are all about whiskey and since living with them , I have to say I have grown rather fond of it myself. With these we decided that they would only be taken out for a very special occasion, being that they are £25 for 2 and if anyone broke one I would freak lol



This one was my choice, how cute are these? They are called love birds cups and I just cant get enough of them, they are so pretty and I love the oak stopper to keep your drink hot, I can only drink boiling hot tea, so this one is my favourite.



Finally we picked this, we wont be having kids for a while but we just loved this and we wanted to keep it really nice and give it to our son or daughter when the day came.


Phew who knew spending £100 could be so easy and so fast! I am so happy that I won this and I want to say thank you to Cloudberry and dont cramp my style for the opportunity. With all this luck floating around I am off to enter more!