An Afternoon in Troon


Today we ended up in South Ayrshire, this is my absolute favourite place to go! I love the beach, I always feel calm when I am on the beach, happy and peaceful. We spent most of the day walking on the beach and then found ourselves in an “Italian” restaurant. It said Italian but the menu was everything but Italian, I think the only thing Italian was lasagna, the rest of the menu was trout, steak pie etc  no where near Italian. It was good I have to say I was impressed although I have never ever seen a salad from a restaurant with grapes, strawberries and melon in it but hey I am open to new experiences lol.



After the “Italian” fiasco, we starting walking around all the cute shops, and I ended up not get something not for myself but for my boyfriend who loves loves loves classical music. We always have a little debate whether music sounds better on a record machine or on an iPod but that story is for another day.  Yeah so I picked up 4 records, that I am hoping he will love, he is down in England working 😦 so I am so excited to see him and show him his new records. I love the art work on these, the picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are so funky, I love them. He can have the records I will have the covers lol. record

A great day out with the family just what I needed for going back to college tomorrow I am a little nervous…. ok very nervous. Wish me luck!

Pictures were taken with my Iphone today because my boyfriend has stolen my camera for work! 😦

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Glasses are from Primark

Sandals are from Primark also