DIY Wedding Gift/ Extra Wedding Gift

Who else is sick of giving the usual gift at a wedding? Money, spoons, photo frames?

Well my partner and I gave our best friends money, some in English and some for their honeymoon in Bali but also wanted to get them a little something they could keep and look back on. Our friend circle is quite big and they didn’t really get a chance to sit with us much, seeing as it was their day and they were dancing all night. So we took lots of pictures and I have went around and gathered them all up, got them printed and came up with in my eyes the best wedding present ever!

So once you have all your photos, you need to get a scrapbook, I got this cream one for £8.00 on Amazon, its really good perfect size and its blank so plenty of room for your special touches. You will also need some scrap book extras, like stickers, ribbon, flowers, anything you want really. You don’t want too much and you don’t want something that is bulky, otherwise your book wont close. DSCN2771

I got some crystal letters, silver wedding stickers, paper flowers (same colour as her bridesmaids) and I also got some wooden hearts, I actually got them from her wedding so I thought that would be a cute touch.  I got my scrapbook goodies from The Range, all of these were only £1.00 each.




Arrange your photos and stickers out first making sure that you are happy before you stick them down. Once you do a couple of pages you get into the swing of things and might not need to arrange and just let your creativity flow. I really enjoyed making this book and I think this is such a cute and unique extra little gift that you give the person. I am actually going to go around and get our friends to write a few words next to their picture, just as a little extra.

The book only costs £15 to make including the pictures being printed and I think with yourself making it, it really makes it special. So why not try something different and make your wedding gift this year, and if you are stuck for a wedding to go to, you can even try making one for another special occasion.

Happy Crafting Guys!

Mink and Stone – A jewellery breakthrough!


Oscar Wilde

Diamonds, shoes and jewellery the three things in a womans life that never let her down. We never question the need for that amazing pair of shoes, that diamond bracelet that we allowed to gift ourselves or the thousands of custom jewellery that we just had to have. We all deserve that one piece, be it shoes, diamonds or jewellery that make us, us.

Standing out can be hard, bright yellow shoes just doesnt cut it anymore. I recently got an email from Mink and Stone. A company founded by Miisa and Mark Mink. They started up in 2014, after an amazing trip to Istanbul, they found inspiration to start a business. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, they saw local jewellers combine rows of colourful materials with the hustle and bustle of a thriving marketplace to create wonderful bespoke beaded designs. Inspired they brought it home with them, recreating their experience with a modern twist. Providing you with high quality materials and allowing you to let loose and create your own style.

Now with Mink and Stone standing out can be that little bit easier. Having the perfect jewellery, designed by you and to match your outfits perfectly. Each outfit can have its own bracelet and necklace. All you need to do is head to Mink and Stone online. There you will find inspiration, how it all works and the materials you can use. On the materials page there is pages and pages of gorgeous crystals and beads. Add them to your own special tray, which you can name and keep whenever you log in. Once you have all the beads you need, head to the ‘start designing’ page, there you will be greeted with a choice of necklaces or a bracelet. Choose your style and let your creativity flow. The next page will pop up with a blank bracelet or necklace and all you need to do is add your beads!

I was over the moon when they offered me a chance to go on and design myself my very own bracelet. Sticking to the bracelet and necklace per outfit, I thought what better inspiration than my outfit for my friends wedding thats in July. Unfortunately the neck is pretty high, so necklace was out the window pretty fast. But not to worry the arms are free so bracelet it is!


As you can see its a gorgeous baby pink/peach, so I decided to choose a large pink flower bead for the middle, mix in some pink pearls and some gold accents. I was so happy with my design and the entire time, I found myself just making up lots of different designs. If I have went to the shops I normally go to, I would have settled for something that didn’t completely go but I was happy with. With mink and stone you don’t need to settle. You can sit and change the colour, the pattern, the length, its truly an amazing experience.





Once the building part is over, the fun doesn’t stop, the company tweet your design and also send you a picture of it before it leaves. The delivery is super super quick I only waited a day for mine and when it came the quality was out of this world. Presented in its own velvet bag, branding the name of the company, the bracelet looked like a piece of luxury. Taking it out you can see the amount of dedication and work that has went into making it.

My first experience of Mink and Stone, has been nothing but the best. Miisa, who emailed me is a wonderful lady, very helpful and I am so grateful she allowed me to have this amazing experience.

Its safe to say that who we are is represented by what we wear, how we act and our outlook on life. We choose to wear the things we wear because of who we are. Its a statement we choose to make every day we wake up. Mink and Stone are just one of the companies out there that allow us to be free and create something that represents us. The real us.

“Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.”

Mink and Stone

Mink and Stone Website 

Mink and Stone on Twitter 

Mink and Stone on Facebook 

Mink and Stone on Instagram 

Here come the girls…

Hey you guys!

Running  your own business can be hard, it can be hard to juggle your daily life around your business or vice versa in some cases. But some business women manage to juggle both and sometimes more.

Meet my friend Chrissie, she started her business through the love of her craft.

She owns ‘The Chrissie White Shop’. Chrissie draws all of her designs and then prints them onto cushions and into gorgeous 30×30 cm prints that you can frame for your home. The detail in her work is incredible! I caught up with her and asked a few questions about starting a business and her inspirations. A little insight for those who are eager to start their own business.

 unnamed (48)

unnamed (45)

Can you tell us all a little about you?

 I’m a mum to three children age four and under. It’s really full on every day and finding a little time to draw, design prints and make handmade goods is where I can be me again.

What are your inspirations?

Fitting in work around the children can be tricky, a task that would take a few hours has to be broken up over the week and I never set myself deadlines. My youngest has just turned one so I’m slowly getting a bit more sleep and a little more time so I did the 1 Peter 5:7 print. It’s one of my favourite verses because the last year had some very difficult months, in my darkest moment I leaned on The Lord with every last bit of strength I had and just as I gave up the most awesome feeling of love gently and powerfully descended into my home, not only did he miraculously breathe everything right again but he filled my heart with the deepest joy that I can’t even begin to describe. So the verse really reminds us that Jesus cares, he’s interested in the details in our lives, we just need to hand it all over to him.

What advice you would give to others about starting a business?

 Getting a good balance with a creative business is important. I have always found that I have to sacrifice creative time for the admin /sales side of business. Being creative is really important to me so I always make sure I stay where I love and it’s usually its back to basics illustrating with a pen and paper. My prints are usually nature inspired. I love taking basic outlines and making them ornate.

Her work is truly amazing and I have my eye on those black and white cushions! You can find Chrissie on:



If you are thinking of turning your own craft into a business check out they have a whole section on how to get started and some awesome tips!


(photographs are my own)

DIY Beauty Treatments – Do They Work? PART 2 Honey and Oatmeal Face Mask

honeyHey you guys!

Welcome to part two of DIY beauty treatments – do they work? In my first post I set out to test and review three DIY beauty treatments, since there is so many out there that claim to work, I thought I would try them out for myself and then share with you if they actually work and also a little tutorial so you can try for yourself 🙂

My first test was DIY honey and sugar lip scrub. I would say it worked out rather well after a month of weekly use I have chap free soft lips everyday. You can check out the review and tutorial here.

Ok so lets get down to number two! Today I am trying the honey and oatmeal face mask.

This face mask should give you clean, clear soft skin and reduce acne scars.

Reading a few tutorials on this, there has been nothing but positive reviews so lets get started!

what nees

unnamed (34)

Little tip before we get started best do this in the bathroom or near some sort of sink lol It can get a little messy!

Grab your ingredients and a bowl and mix them all together, I used a table spoon but if you would rather use a different utensil by all means lol

unnamed (35)

So we should have something like this when we are done mixing. Now we have our mix we get to the messy bit!

Dive straight in and scoop some onto you hand and rub into skin, those who aren’t at a sink will now know why we need to be at the sink lol

unnamed (1)

What do we think? Face mask selfie! lol

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, you will feel your face tighten a little as the honey dries in but nothing to worry about. After 15 minutes wash your face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

After my mask, (this wasn’t suggested in any tutorial) I decided to put on some soft Nivea face cream,as I do everyday. Just to give it a little omph! 🙂

unnamed (39)

Ok so face mask is done and cleaned off. All tutorials say that this mask will give you clean, clear skin, soft to touch and reduced acne scars. After my first use, my skin was very clean and very soft. My acne scars were slightly reduced, I think I may need to do this mask every night to really test if it reduces them. I dont really notice a huge difference with my scars but my skin was super soft and looked really good after it.

This face mask works! 4/5 from me, definitely try this one guys, totally worth a go and have some with it why not add some lemon juice to 🙂

Why not try it out for your self and let me know how it goes and why not tweet me your #facemaskselfie @AmieLouisa23 🙂