DIY Wedding Gift/ Extra Wedding Gift

Who else is sick of giving the usual gift at a wedding? Money, spoons, photo frames?

Well my partner and I gave our best friends money, some in English and some for their honeymoon in Bali but also wanted to get them a little something they could keep and look back on. Our friend circle is quite big and they didn’t really get a chance to sit with us much, seeing as it was their day and they were dancing all night. So we took lots of pictures and I have went around and gathered them all up, got them printed and came up with in my eyes the best wedding present ever!

So once you have all your photos, you need to get a scrapbook, I got this cream one for £8.00 on Amazon, its really good perfect size and its blank so plenty of room for your special touches. You will also need some scrap book extras, like stickers, ribbon, flowers, anything you want really. You don’t want too much and you don’t want something that is bulky, otherwise your book wont close. DSCN2771

I got some crystal letters, silver wedding stickers, paper flowers (same colour as her bridesmaids) and I also got some wooden hearts, I actually got them from her wedding so I thought that would be a cute touch.  I got my scrapbook goodies from The Range, all of these were only £1.00 each.




Arrange your photos and stickers out first making sure that you are happy before you stick them down. Once you do a couple of pages you get into the swing of things and might not need to arrange and just let your creativity flow. I really enjoyed making this book and I think this is such a cute and unique extra little gift that you give the person. I am actually going to go around and get our friends to write a few words next to their picture, just as a little extra.

The book only costs £15 to make including the pictures being printed and I think with yourself making it, it really makes it special. So why not try something different and make your wedding gift this year, and if you are stuck for a wedding to go to, you can even try making one for another special occasion.

Happy Crafting Guys!

What a Wedding!

Hey Guys!

I am sorry for my absence the last few days. My partners sister got married on Saturday and the days before were full of fake tan, hectic moments and last minute rushes.

But Saturday came and went, without a hitch. I have to say not because it was my family, it was one of the best weddings I have ever been to.

It took two full years to plan and organise, themes, cake, dress, bridesmaids but all the hard work paid off.

The whole wedding was beautiful, the reception proved to be the best part thanks to Love Photo Booths. The wedding guests got to choose a prop, from the prop box. A hat, instrument, glasses or a wacky sign. Then head into the booth and let their hair down!

We ended up with 105 photos from the night and we haven’t stopped laughing at them. The men who own this company are fantastic and applause to them for putting up with us all for the evening! If any of my readers are from the Glasgow area please think of them for your party!

Check out their site here! 



1487250_927245430630870_8446011845671702061_n 10983821_927244423964304_4222813164149735099_n 11017675_927244403964306_8163990605928162127_n 11205522_927246423964104_6389520027499591598_n 11233487_927248163963930_6924107713153791252_n 11234820_927245563964190_5757588100832653774_n

I smile every time I see them, such good memories and great things to keep (especially for photo freaks like me lol)

Congrats to Charlotte and Chrisy, I love you both so much! You are the most gorgeous bride and groom I have ever seen! ❤