Cloudberry Living Haul!

I recently won a £100 voucher to spend online at Cloudberry Living. I was so excited to win this, my partner and I have been talking about getting our own little place for so long. Winning this voucher has pushed us in the right direction, we have decided to move in together in a year or so and we thought what better way to start than to to get free things for our house!

The first thing we got, this one will sound so silly to most people but my boyfriend loves glasses and jars he has a strange obsession with them lol. So he picked out this gorgeous water carafe’, I think its lovely, in my mind I thought it would look amazing when we have our first guests over. Eek!


Next we both choose these tumblers, my boyfriends family are all about whiskey and since living with them , I have to say I have grown rather fond of it myself. With these we decided that they would only be taken out for a very special occasion, being that they are £25 for 2 and if anyone broke one I would freak lol



This one was my choice, how cute are these? They are called love birds cups and I just cant get enough of them, they are so pretty and I love the oak stopper to keep your drink hot, I can only drink boiling hot tea, so this one is my favourite.



Finally we picked this, we wont be having kids for a while but we just loved this and we wanted to keep it really nice and give it to our son or daughter when the day came.


Phew who knew spending £100 could be so easy and so fast! I am so happy that I won this and I want to say thank you to Cloudberry and dont cramp my style for the opportunity. With all this luck floating around I am off to enter more!

Dress Your Bed For Less

Hey you guys!

Today I am going to share my love with you…. interior design. Before I started blogging I had my own business designing and making cushions. Finishing that and going back into travel was hard but now that I am blogging I thought I would share with you a few ways to dress your bed for less!

Everyone always wants that high end, vintage chic, modern twist look but lets face it I am not the type to spend £30 on a pillow!

So the first one I am going to show you is High End Glamour! I made this one for my self as the ones I were seeing we £54, £28, I just wasn’t prepared to pay that, not yet anyway lol.


The stuffing is £5.00 a 1KG bag on ebay, but the bag can make 5 or more cushions. The Glitter fabric was £3.00 and it comes pre cut! The cotton for the back was £1.25 and you can get 4 or more from that so you can use the cotton and the stuffing more than once!  So in the end it cost me £4.30 per cushion! I love it so much, my pride and joy!

Its super easy to make to, after I post all of my cushions I will get a little comment vote going, comment with which tutorial you would like to see and I will post the winning tutorial! 🙂

Next up Classic Monochrome!


This fabric only cost me £4.00 from Ebay and I ended up getting two cushions from it, and with your spare stuffing from before, this one is only £2.00 a cushion!

Cottage Chic!


Summer lovers this one is for you, the picture is only half of it, the colour and shine that comes of this is mesmerising! The fabric was bought from Ebay and the glitter was bought from a company called Glitter on the Wall via Etsy.This little beauty cost me only £3.50 to make, if you use the stuffing from before, remember guys 5 cushions from 1 bag! 🙂

Ok 2 more to go!

Sparkle Stripes!


This design was my most popular design, the fabric came from a curtain company, the fabric is so thick and soft its amazing! It cost me around £10.00 for the fabric and the heart was same as before £1.00 from Glitter on the Wall via etsy. This one costs only £4.50 to make.


Modern Print


How pretty is this fabric? The fabric for this one came from a company called Spoonflower, for 6 pre measured patches it was £13.00. For the back I use a light lilac cotton which cost me £1.25 a meter. So this gorgeous cushion will cost you only £3.41!

Ok guys there we are 5 of my dress your bed for less ideas!

Now that I have posted them, I will post a tutorial on how to make one of these but its all down to you which one that will be!

Vote by commenting on this post and I will show you just how easy it is to dress your bed for less! 🙂