How to wear next season’s hottest colour!

As it naturally happens in the fashion industry, every season surprises us with a new colour

trends and offers an opportunity to refresh our wardrobes with dozens of hip and modern

nuances. Seductive red is undoubtedly one of the timeless colours in fashion trends, and this

season we’ll be able to welcome passionate sangria, a glamorous nuance of maroon which

carries the warm vine tones. This fall sangria will replace winey red-brown Marsala, which

Pantone marked as a one of the trendiest colours for 2015.


Anyway, before you embrace season’s hottest colour, let’s see how you can wear it and

combine it with other colours, clothes and accessories:

Sangria and earthy pastels

To bring you closer to the exact nuance of sangria, we’ll present it as a colour which perfectly

matches chocolate nuances, because it also contains traces of warm chocolate and earthy

tones. However, the more interesting and creative combinations are those which pair sangria

with all shades of gray and dark navy blue.


To achieve a contrasted look, dare to combine sangria with gentle powder colours, nude, light

blue or even with olive green. Glamorous sangria the best suit brunettes, but all ladies can

achieve an amazing effect by complementing their outfits with a lipstick in the same colour.

Cool, chic and body-flattering sangria outfits

Fashion gurus are suggesting ladies to spend this autumn focusing on their pretty legs, before

we slip into “from head to toe” winter outfits. That’s why you are encouraged to wear sangria

mini dresses which can, depending from your figure and preference, have either slim or casual


For youthful and trendy look, wear sangria dresses with biker-style jacket and leather boots in

chocolate nuances. To reach a wow effect, complement this outfit with stylish slouch hat which

is still trendy and tremendously chic.

In order to embrace a fabulous mini dress, we must take care of our legs – it’s never too late to

start with exercises for tightening, massages and anti-cellulite treatments, hydration and sun

protection. Regular depilation is necessary and smooth legs require a constant care. Still, you

can consider a ipl laser hair removal as a million dollars worth advice. Now you can stop hiding

one of your greatest attributes!

colour 3

Ladies who are not fond of dresses, can embrace sangria by wearing delicate sassy garments,

elegant shirts with lace inserts, pencil skirts, casual style slacks, vintage coats etc. When

choosing a unicolour sangria outfit, combine various materials and textures, such as plush,

artificial leather, cotton and silk.

Rich sangria accessories

Thanks to opulence and glamour this nuance reflects, sangria accessories create a powerful

and dazzling effect even when combined with variously coloured outfits. You can choose

anything from soft cashmere scarfs, trendy pouch with zippers, suede sangria belts to elegant

necklaces and lavish sangria glasses frames. Depending from an occasion, sangria accessories

can be paired with casual jeans and top as well as with sophisticated dresses and formal outfits.

Now when you’ve discovered how to wear this radiant autumn colour, dress yourself in sangria

hues, and head for nearby bar and enjoy a pleasant fall day with a glass of finest red wine.


Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion

and jewelry design. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty

related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on

topics related to fashion, beauty and style.

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Rockin’ the Cuff

One of the come back trends this year is the ear cuff. This trend has been around since the 90’s and has been pretty huge with celebs and runways since 2012. Its 2015 and its back (again). I am going to show you some of the cutest cuffs around just now!

I have chosen three cuffs from The Body Jewellery Shop, they have so many varieties from girly and glam to rock and roll! They don’t only do cuffs they have a full range of tongue bars, ear piercings and naval jewellery to!



First 2 pictures are the simple star cuff. This one was a little bit of a nightmare to put on but once its there it is so cute. This would look fabulous with a high messy bun or even a high sleek ponytail.

The third picture is a elegant swirl cuff. This is my favourite out of these three. It is so simple and yet it is so effective. This would look amazing with your hair swept to one side and styled in loose curls. I am going to wear this one to an engagement on Friday with my pink bodycon.

The last one I have chosen is zircon steel clip cuff, this is more of a casual cuff. I paired this with a half up,half down style and my blazer with my 3/4 length ripped jeans.

The great thing about cuffs is that earrings can be so boring and so last year!

With cuffs you don’t need to fear and embrace the needle you can transform your casual or glam look with one of these.

For as little as £1.99 The Body Jewellery Shop have got the best trendy cuffs right now and I have my eye on a few more!

Mink and Stone – A jewellery breakthrough!


Oscar Wilde

Diamonds, shoes and jewellery the three things in a womans life that never let her down. We never question the need for that amazing pair of shoes, that diamond bracelet that we allowed to gift ourselves or the thousands of custom jewellery that we just had to have. We all deserve that one piece, be it shoes, diamonds or jewellery that make us, us.

Standing out can be hard, bright yellow shoes just doesnt cut it anymore. I recently got an email from Mink and Stone. A company founded by Miisa and Mark Mink. They started up in 2014, after an amazing trip to Istanbul, they found inspiration to start a business. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, they saw local jewellers combine rows of colourful materials with the hustle and bustle of a thriving marketplace to create wonderful bespoke beaded designs. Inspired they brought it home with them, recreating their experience with a modern twist. Providing you with high quality materials and allowing you to let loose and create your own style.

Now with Mink and Stone standing out can be that little bit easier. Having the perfect jewellery, designed by you and to match your outfits perfectly. Each outfit can have its own bracelet and necklace. All you need to do is head to Mink and Stone online. There you will find inspiration, how it all works and the materials you can use. On the materials page there is pages and pages of gorgeous crystals and beads. Add them to your own special tray, which you can name and keep whenever you log in. Once you have all the beads you need, head to the ‘start designing’ page, there you will be greeted with a choice of necklaces or a bracelet. Choose your style and let your creativity flow. The next page will pop up with a blank bracelet or necklace and all you need to do is add your beads!

I was over the moon when they offered me a chance to go on and design myself my very own bracelet. Sticking to the bracelet and necklace per outfit, I thought what better inspiration than my outfit for my friends wedding thats in July. Unfortunately the neck is pretty high, so necklace was out the window pretty fast. But not to worry the arms are free so bracelet it is!


As you can see its a gorgeous baby pink/peach, so I decided to choose a large pink flower bead for the middle, mix in some pink pearls and some gold accents. I was so happy with my design and the entire time, I found myself just making up lots of different designs. If I have went to the shops I normally go to, I would have settled for something that didn’t completely go but I was happy with. With mink and stone you don’t need to settle. You can sit and change the colour, the pattern, the length, its truly an amazing experience.





Once the building part is over, the fun doesn’t stop, the company tweet your design and also send you a picture of it before it leaves. The delivery is super super quick I only waited a day for mine and when it came the quality was out of this world. Presented in its own velvet bag, branding the name of the company, the bracelet looked like a piece of luxury. Taking it out you can see the amount of dedication and work that has went into making it.

My first experience of Mink and Stone, has been nothing but the best. Miisa, who emailed me is a wonderful lady, very helpful and I am so grateful she allowed me to have this amazing experience.

Its safe to say that who we are is represented by what we wear, how we act and our outlook on life. We choose to wear the things we wear because of who we are. Its a statement we choose to make every day we wake up. Mink and Stone are just one of the companies out there that allow us to be free and create something that represents us. The real us.

“Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.”

Mink and Stone

Mink and Stone Website 

Mink and Stone on Twitter 

Mink and Stone on Facebook 

Mink and Stone on Instagram 



Chevron is set to be hot hot hot this Summer!

To get all of you lovely ladies ready for what is to be the biggest trend I am going to show some hot chevron pieces for low prices!


Chevron blouse, perfect with some skinny jeans and sandal heels! (H&M £7.99)


Chevron mini skirt, pair with black crop top and cute sandals for a summer day time look! (BooHoo £4.00)


Navy chevron dress, pair with heels for a night time look or sandals for that ultimate beach look – cue the cute photos! ( £16.35)


To finish it all off add some chevron accessories! (BooHoo £4.00)

You are all set, grab your chevron and get rocking this summers hottest trend!

Tattoo Elegance

I have always wanted a tattoo, but never one that would stay longer than a week. Like trends my love of tattoos, or hairstyles or anything beauty related tends to come and go. So when I was given the opportunity to try this seasons hot new trend – metallic tattoos, I was all for it. I honestly thought like before I would grow bored of these but boy was wrong!

When I was little the trend was temporary tattoos, of course back then it came with gum and was always a butterfly, the trend is back but this time it’s a little more elegant.

Thanks to companies like Tesora London and Lyla Loves, we girlies can have the hottest trend sent right to our door and for as little as £1.00!

I couldn’t wait to get started, I had no idea where to put them, I was so excited! I decided to spread my little test and review over a few weeks so I can use them more lol


Hamsa hand is from the ‘Iris’ collection by Tesora London and the arrow is from the ‘Mixed Summer’ collection by Lyla Loves

unnamed (71)

Feather infinity tattoo is from the ‘Mixed Summer’ collection by Lyla Loves


Gold tattoo is from Lyla Loves ‘Mixed Summer’ collection. I also got these amazing rings from Lyla Loves to!


Large Hamsa hand is from ‘Iris’ collection by Tesora London

unnamed (70)

The ‘Iris’ pack by Tesora London and the ‘Mixed Summer’ Pack by Lyla Loves

unnamed (5)

The application for both were so easy. All you need to do is choose your tattoo(s), cut it out, peel back the clear covering and place it on your skin. Grab a towel, wet the end and press onto the tattoo for 30 – 50 seconds and voila! It was so easy and after one you just cant wait to try another. The tattoos last around 3-5 days before they start to fade. Which personally I think is just the perfect amount of time, especially for those heading to festivals or parties this summer.

I had so much fun with these tattoos, they are so easy to apply and are super cute! I think instead of getting a real tattoo I will buy one of each pack from both these companies and just have a new one every 3 days!

You can find the lovely Tesora London by clicking HERE and you can find the gorgeous Lyla Loves by clicking HERE.