Lady In Red – Kiss Cosmetics

Happy National Lipstick Day!

I have always loved the look of Kiss Cosmetics lipsticks, but when buying online I am always a little unsure if I will suit the colour and if it even looks like it does in the pictures.

While scrolling through Twitter, I noticed Kiss Cosmetics had posted a campaign poster, advertising their new Mini range. This means you can test one of their lipsticks out for £2.00 including postage!

What a fab idea. I was on their site within seconds picking out the colour I would love to try. I ended up choosing Lady in Red, it is a darker red than I normally choose, but I am going to an engagement party next week and I really want my lips to pop!

Kiss Cosmetics have always had reviews that state that their lipsticks last forever and the colour hardly fades. This is exactly what I was looking for, so since its National Lipstick Day and Kiss Cosmetics were so quick with their delivery and have sent me my gorgeous mini lipstick I am going to pop it on and do a little test.

unnamed (85)

unnamed (86)

So that is a few shots above of me with my Lady in Red on, I have to say it is stunning, it makes me feel so classy and important and ladies note this down, the boyfriend noticed how good it looks to!

I have had it on now for 5 hours now and as you can see it still looks great! It has obviously faded a little but it is red, it pops and I have been drinking, talking and going about my daily routine. Overall I agree with the reviews they have had, the colour really does stay with you all day and my lips look really good. Their new mini test idea is my new beauty must have, I can’t wait to try out more colours and pair them with all my shoes! 🙂

 unnamed (89)