Going back to go forward

This week has been a little different for me, I decided back in June that I would go back to college and follow a new career path. Although I am only 23 everyone in my course apart from one is younger than me and was starting to question myself, is this something I should be doing? I am now weirdly starting to feel my age and even though the doubts came I am now happy in my life and feel confident that I can get my degree in travel, travel with my partner and get my dream travel and tourism job!

A lot of work but I am ready to go. First thing was my induction which was on Monday morning, well in my head it was Thursday, got dressed, stressed out a little and then remembered it was Monday opps. I did write it on my calendar by the way but with everything that is going on I  graciously managed to to go about my week in my bubble and completely forgot to look at my calendar that week. My induction turned out not to be as scary, everyone was fab and I settled into my role of the nutter within about mmm 2 seconds. I got all my timetables and diaries and such, turns out I am learning Spanish this year. Good luck. My brain just doesn’t react well to languages I just cant seem to get them. With my choice of travel and tourism as a career I am praying that Spanish sticks not like my high school french which seems to be non existent.

I don’t think it has sunk in completely that, I have a job that I love, that I am going back to college and that right now I am somewhat happy. I am a little nervous about going back and how I will take to being educated after 4 years of educating myself, not with travel or tourism but with life and becoming an adult. Has anyone else taken a break from education? How did you feel about going back?

I don’t normally write such personal posts but after writing all this down I feel great, I have went from freaking out to being calm. Maybe going back means I can go forward.


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Garrion Bridges – Antique Day Out

Felling very sad this week, my boyfriend has had to go to London to do some research for work and being without him is proving difficult. You think the fact that he is away all the time I would be used to it by now. He has the most amazing family and today to keep me from being distracted and worried they dragged me to an antique center. With all the hesitations in the world, one being that I am not an antique kind of girl, I decided just to go with it!

unnamed (34)

Upon a arrival I was too busy talking as usual and turned round and screamed when I saw this…

unnamed (35)

I honestly thought it was two people, I am so silly and I gave myself such a fright! After a few dodgy looks from people near by I laughed myself inside, thinking it can only get better. The center is absolutely packed full of antiques and goods. Its amazing to walk around, all the way through I kept wondering where certain items came from and its history, it actually became really interesting. Some items brought fits of laughter, like this doll, i kept calling it Annabelle and my boyfriends mother said to take a picture and get it framed and put it on my boyfriends bedside table for him coming home. My boyfriend hates dolls and I found this rather funny and decided to take the picture. I maybe wont go as far as to print it but I will creep him out for sure lol

unnamed (36)

Check out some other things I came across that I just loved!

unnamed (37)

unnamed (38)

unnamed (40)

unnamed (42)

I just loved the pendant light shade, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is full of yellow, white and oranges, just imagine that with floods of light through it, it would look amazing! While walking around my boyfriends mum reminded me that she is heading to an 80’s themed party and just as this was said we walked past a heap of clothes. With my love being fashion, I jumped in and started pulling out sweatsuits, sequins and fur! I couldn’t find anything that really screamed 80’s, then I found the hat section lol I didn’t find anything 80’s but I did find some crackers including this beauty…. lol

unnamed (41)

A hat made of hair! This is my lovely boyfriends mum who was very happy to model for me lol

They really made my day, it makes you feel very lucky to have family around you, no matter what happens and no matter how silly you may feel for being sad. I came home feeling better and I even found my self an amazing first edition of ‘The China Run;’ Not forgetting the 3 books I got my boyfriend on his research topic!

Remember family is for life!


Amie Louisa