Cloudberry Living Haul!

I recently won a £100 voucher to spend online at Cloudberry Living. I was so excited to win this, my partner and I have been talking about getting our own little place for so long. Winning this voucher has pushed us in the right direction, we have decided to move in together in a year or so and we thought what better way to start than to to get free things for our house!

The first thing we got, this one will sound so silly to most people but my boyfriend loves glasses and jars he has a strange obsession with them lol. So he picked out this gorgeous water carafe’, I think its lovely, in my mind I thought it would look amazing when we have our first guests over. Eek!


Next we both choose these tumblers, my boyfriends family are all about whiskey and since living with them , I have to say I have grown rather fond of it myself. With these we decided that they would only be taken out for a very special occasion, being that they are £25 for 2 and if anyone broke one I would freak lol



This one was my choice, how cute are these? They are called love birds cups and I just cant get enough of them, they are so pretty and I love the oak stopper to keep your drink hot, I can only drink boiling hot tea, so this one is my favourite.



Finally we picked this, we wont be having kids for a while but we just loved this and we wanted to keep it really nice and give it to our son or daughter when the day came.


Phew who knew spending £100 could be so easy and so fast! I am so happy that I won this and I want to say thank you to Cloudberry and dont cramp my style for the opportunity. With all this luck floating around I am off to enter more!

Garrion Bridges – Antique Day Out

Felling very sad this week, my boyfriend has had to go to London to do some research for work and being without him is proving difficult. You think the fact that he is away all the time I would be used to it by now. He has the most amazing family and today to keep me from being distracted and worried they dragged me to an antique center. With all the hesitations in the world, one being that I am not an antique kind of girl, I decided just to go with it!

unnamed (34)

Upon a arrival I was too busy talking as usual and turned round and screamed when I saw this…

unnamed (35)

I honestly thought it was two people, I am so silly and I gave myself such a fright! After a few dodgy looks from people near by I laughed myself inside, thinking it can only get better. The center is absolutely packed full of antiques and goods. Its amazing to walk around, all the way through I kept wondering where certain items came from and its history, it actually became really interesting. Some items brought fits of laughter, like this doll, i kept calling it Annabelle and my boyfriends mother said to take a picture and get it framed and put it on my boyfriends bedside table for him coming home. My boyfriend hates dolls and I found this rather funny and decided to take the picture. I maybe wont go as far as to print it but I will creep him out for sure lol

unnamed (36)

Check out some other things I came across that I just loved!

unnamed (37)

unnamed (38)

unnamed (40)

unnamed (42)

I just loved the pendant light shade, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is full of yellow, white and oranges, just imagine that with floods of light through it, it would look amazing! While walking around my boyfriends mum reminded me that she is heading to an 80’s themed party and just as this was said we walked past a heap of clothes. With my love being fashion, I jumped in and started pulling out sweatsuits, sequins and fur! I couldn’t find anything that really screamed 80’s, then I found the hat section lol I didn’t find anything 80’s but I did find some crackers including this beauty…. lol

unnamed (41)

A hat made of hair! This is my lovely boyfriends mum who was very happy to model for me lol

They really made my day, it makes you feel very lucky to have family around you, no matter what happens and no matter how silly you may feel for being sad. I came home feeling better and I even found my self an amazing first edition of ‘The China Run;’ Not forgetting the 3 books I got my boyfriend on his research topic!

Remember family is for life!


Amie Louisa

A Night at Michaelangelo’s


The other day my partner and I were looking for a place to eat. Being obsessed with Frankie and Bennys have proven to be a strain on our wallets. We wanted to find somewhere different and that is how we found ourselves in Michaelangelo’s in Clarkston. The small restaurant was somehow full of people, I never thought you could fit so many into one long and narrow room.  Although the restaurant was full, the staff were amazing and the atmosphere was surprisingly comforting.

unnamed (32)

unnamed (31)

unnamed (26).

After 3 courses we were stuffed. I had the most amazing mozzarella fritters I have ever had and the tomato and chili sauce was just to die for. The food was out of this world and the man, who I am assuming was the owner was the nicest man I have ever met. He was so down to earth and made you feel at home. The settings were modern with a classic Italian twist. A Clarkston gem!

Wedding Guest Make Up

Wedding season is here! I am so excited, I am such a sucker for a good wedding. Over the next few years, my boyfriend and I have so many good friends who are getting married. This means lots of outfits, engagement parties and pictures!

Our first came on Friday when our two friends got hitched, I am so over the moon for them, they are so well suited and are the sweetest couple in the world.

While getting ready I took some pictures, to complete a ‘wedding guest’ post, some help if you will, if you are stuck for hair ideas, make up or clothes.

unnamed (98)

No make up shot! The before to my after 🙂


Make up time!

After tanning up with some St Moriz, I used Maybellines new Dream Flawless Nude foundation, finishing off with some MUA bronzer. I know some people go into so much detail with their face make up but I like to keep it simple and light especially when I am going to a night wedding, all that dancing = a lot of sweating lol

For my eyes I did a simple smokey eye with my MUA palette. Finishing it off with my MaX Factor eye brightening mascara and my Miss Sporty liquid liner.

For my lips I choose Persian Rose by MUA, the magic £1.00 lipstick, that I absolutely love! I have to have one in every colour!

So that’s my make up done, I don’t tend to do a lot, I love having make up on but I hate having so much on, always harder to take off and sweating with black eyes is not a good look lol

unnamed (99)


For my hair, I couldn’t go up because it was too formal and I felt down was messy, so half up half down seemed perfect. I lifted the top section of my hair and back combed a little to give it some height. Using kirby grips I pined it up, pushing a little to make the quiff stand out. I curled the ends of my hair using my BaByliss curlers and added a light mist of hairspray to hold it all together. I will post a full ‘How To’ hair tutorial soon, maybe be easier to understand lol

That is it, all done, I was ready to rock it!

Keep your eyes peeled for the full hair tutorial on my half up half down look. 🙂


What a Wedding!

Hey Guys!

I am sorry for my absence the last few days. My partners sister got married on Saturday and the days before were full of fake tan, hectic moments and last minute rushes.

But Saturday came and went, without a hitch. I have to say not because it was my family, it was one of the best weddings I have ever been to.

It took two full years to plan and organise, themes, cake, dress, bridesmaids but all the hard work paid off.

The whole wedding was beautiful, the reception proved to be the best part thanks to Love Photo Booths. The wedding guests got to choose a prop, from the prop box. A hat, instrument, glasses or a wacky sign. Then head into the booth and let their hair down!

We ended up with 105 photos from the night and we haven’t stopped laughing at them. The men who own this company are fantastic and applause to them for putting up with us all for the evening! If any of my readers are from the Glasgow area please think of them for your party!

Check out their site here! 



1487250_927245430630870_8446011845671702061_n 10983821_927244423964304_4222813164149735099_n 11017675_927244403964306_8163990605928162127_n 11205522_927246423964104_6389520027499591598_n 11233487_927248163963930_6924107713153791252_n 11234820_927245563964190_5757588100832653774_n

I smile every time I see them, such good memories and great things to keep (especially for photo freaks like me lol)

Congrats to Charlotte and Chrisy, I love you both so much! You are the most gorgeous bride and groom I have ever seen! ❤




Becoming An HNC Student

Hey everyone 🙂 

So this week has been a whirlwind. I have recently been accepted to go back to college and do my HNC in Travel and Tourism. I was so nervous in my interview and was so worried about the tests. But all the hard work paid off and my lucky angel pendant seems to still have some luck in it!

I have been thinking a lot about going back, what should I wear on my first day? how many notebooks is too much? Silly things really lol

So I thought this week I will dedicate my blog posts to being a student.

7 days, 7 posts, 7 awesome student tips!  

         Tutorials, hairstyles, fashion, freebies and playlists!

Term starts in August everyone!





Sewing Experiment

unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed (6)

Watching E! Entertainment Television proved to be a productive thing to do this morning. While watching Who Wore It Better, I thought to myself some of these outfits look amazing but cost way over my budget!

So having some spare fabric around the house I grabbed some awesome green poppy fabric and a grey vest top. I lay my vest top on the fabric and drew around it, I drew a bit wider than what it actually was (so I could adjust the fit). I cut out my two pieces and sat for way over an hour sewing it together!

I have to say this is such a proud moment for me lol! I have made mostly cushions before this and have always dreamed of making something I could wear.

It is totally worth it and isn’t that hard to do! I will post a tutorial soon so that all you lovely people can wear something that no one else will have. 🙂