My Daily Beauty Routine

Hey Guys!

So today I decided to do a little post about my daily beauty routine, what I use and my favourite brands, so lets get started!

When I wake up in  the mornings the first thing I do is head to the bathroom and wash my face, its so much better to work with a clean palette lol!

Below is a scary before shot lol I am ok with my natural beauty but when someone takes a picture of me at 8 am I get a little hulk like lol

unnamed (10)

After my face is washed and dried, I like to use a foundation that is really light on my skin, I hate that feeling when foundations are so heavy. So I use this:

unnamed (16)

      Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation (£8.99 from boots)

Its their new foundation, came out recently and its the best foundation I have ever had. Its so light and smooth, you dont feel like you have anything on and it stays on your skin for hours no need for top ups! Also its application stick is awesome, its a tear shaped wand and when you take it out the wand drops the right amount on your hand that you need! Cool right? perfect when you don’t want to overuse and get your moneys worth!

I finish my face with some MUA bronzer the best £1.00 I have ever spent! It lifts your face to a whole new level. Instant cheek bones and a shine that makes me look as if I have been in the Costa Del Sol for a week lol

Next up eyes! The tricky part, everyone is posting these smokey eye tutorials and how do it right and the best things to use. My head is pickled already lol. So I came up with my own method lol.

I use:


           MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undressed (£4.00 From superdrug)

MUA! I love all MUA products! Great quality and and great prices what more could you ask from your make up? On this palette I use shade 5 and apply it to my entire lid, then I use shade 10 and I put this across the outer 1/3 of my lid and the crease of my lid. Next up I use shade four to add some shimmer and then shad one under my brow to open up my eyes. I use my Barry M blending brush to blend my shades together and then I grab my Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liner and I draw a line from the inside of my lid to the outside. I get my Barry M brush and I blend my liner a little with the shadow I have on already. Doing this gives you the ultimate dark smokey look! 🙂 I finish off my eyes with my Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara, make sure you get the correct eye colour lol When I first got i choose blue eyes, lets just say it didnt exactly work lol.

Are we ready to see my finished look?

unnamed (12)

Tah dah! While I was away taking my pic I grabbed my babyliss curling iron and gave my hair a quick makeover to lol

Well now I feel so much better, brighter lol I am off to write some more fabulous pieces for you guys and oh did someone mention cake?! lol