Today I Am…..

This is my first post in a long while, I am so sorry guys, it has been a huge break but I am jumping back on the horse! I have my monthly Birch Box to show you and I am going to show you my latest obession in handbags!

The company is called Today I Am Me, they create 3D bags, that are just mind blowing, literally like one of those pictures where you see more than one image. Crazy good, so I am going to show you all my little wish list, which I am definitely going to get one from.


Illusion Tote 


Monochrome Me Tote


Evening Clutch 


Colour Me Yellow 

Which one would you choose?


How to wear next season’s hottest colour!

As it naturally happens in the fashion industry, every season surprises us with a new colour

trends and offers an opportunity to refresh our wardrobes with dozens of hip and modern

nuances. Seductive red is undoubtedly one of the timeless colours in fashion trends, and this

season we’ll be able to welcome passionate sangria, a glamorous nuance of maroon which

carries the warm vine tones. This fall sangria will replace winey red-brown Marsala, which

Pantone marked as a one of the trendiest colours for 2015.


Anyway, before you embrace season’s hottest colour, let’s see how you can wear it and

combine it with other colours, clothes and accessories:

Sangria and earthy pastels

To bring you closer to the exact nuance of sangria, we’ll present it as a colour which perfectly

matches chocolate nuances, because it also contains traces of warm chocolate and earthy

tones. However, the more interesting and creative combinations are those which pair sangria

with all shades of gray and dark navy blue.


To achieve a contrasted look, dare to combine sangria with gentle powder colours, nude, light

blue or even with olive green. Glamorous sangria the best suit brunettes, but all ladies can

achieve an amazing effect by complementing their outfits with a lipstick in the same colour.

Cool, chic and body-flattering sangria outfits

Fashion gurus are suggesting ladies to spend this autumn focusing on their pretty legs, before

we slip into “from head to toe” winter outfits. That’s why you are encouraged to wear sangria

mini dresses which can, depending from your figure and preference, have either slim or casual


For youthful and trendy look, wear sangria dresses with biker-style jacket and leather boots in

chocolate nuances. To reach a wow effect, complement this outfit with stylish slouch hat which

is still trendy and tremendously chic.

In order to embrace a fabulous mini dress, we must take care of our legs – it’s never too late to

start with exercises for tightening, massages and anti-cellulite treatments, hydration and sun

protection. Regular depilation is necessary and smooth legs require a constant care. Still, you

can consider a ipl laser hair removal as a million dollars worth advice. Now you can stop hiding

one of your greatest attributes!

colour 3

Ladies who are not fond of dresses, can embrace sangria by wearing delicate sassy garments,

elegant shirts with lace inserts, pencil skirts, casual style slacks, vintage coats etc. When

choosing a unicolour sangria outfit, combine various materials and textures, such as plush,

artificial leather, cotton and silk.

Rich sangria accessories

Thanks to opulence and glamour this nuance reflects, sangria accessories create a powerful

and dazzling effect even when combined with variously coloured outfits. You can choose

anything from soft cashmere scarfs, trendy pouch with zippers, suede sangria belts to elegant

necklaces and lavish sangria glasses frames. Depending from an occasion, sangria accessories

can be paired with casual jeans and top as well as with sophisticated dresses and formal outfits.

Now when you’ve discovered how to wear this radiant autumn colour, dress yourself in sangria

hues, and head for nearby bar and enjoy a pleasant fall day with a glass of finest red wine.


Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion

and jewelry design. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty

related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on

topics related to fashion, beauty and style.

Find her on:



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An Afternoon in Troon


Today we ended up in South Ayrshire, this is my absolute favourite place to go! I love the beach, I always feel calm when I am on the beach, happy and peaceful. We spent most of the day walking on the beach and then found ourselves in an “Italian” restaurant. It said Italian but the menu was everything but Italian, I think the only thing Italian was lasagna, the rest of the menu was trout, steak pie etc  no where near Italian. It was good I have to say I was impressed although I have never ever seen a salad from a restaurant with grapes, strawberries and melon in it but hey I am open to new experiences lol.



After the “Italian” fiasco, we starting walking around all the cute shops, and I ended up not get something not for myself but for my boyfriend who loves loves loves classical music. We always have a little debate whether music sounds better on a record machine or on an iPod but that story is for another day.  Yeah so I picked up 4 records, that I am hoping he will love, he is down in England working 😦 so I am so excited to see him and show him his new records. I love the art work on these, the picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are so funky, I love them. He can have the records I will have the covers lol. record

A great day out with the family just what I needed for going back to college tomorrow I am a little nervous…. ok very nervous. Wish me luck!

Pictures were taken with my Iphone today because my boyfriend has stolen my camera for work! 😦

You can shop the post below:

Bird Cami 

Skinny Jeans

Glasses are from Primark

Sandals are from Primark also

Going back to go forward

This week has been a little different for me, I decided back in June that I would go back to college and follow a new career path. Although I am only 23 everyone in my course apart from one is younger than me and was starting to question myself, is this something I should be doing? I am now weirdly starting to feel my age and even though the doubts came I am now happy in my life and feel confident that I can get my degree in travel, travel with my partner and get my dream travel and tourism job!

A lot of work but I am ready to go. First thing was my induction which was on Monday morning, well in my head it was Thursday, got dressed, stressed out a little and then remembered it was Monday opps. I did write it on my calendar by the way but with everything that is going on I  graciously managed to to go about my week in my bubble and completely forgot to look at my calendar that week. My induction turned out not to be as scary, everyone was fab and I settled into my role of the nutter within about mmm 2 seconds. I got all my timetables and diaries and such, turns out I am learning Spanish this year. Good luck. My brain just doesn’t react well to languages I just cant seem to get them. With my choice of travel and tourism as a career I am praying that Spanish sticks not like my high school french which seems to be non existent.

I don’t think it has sunk in completely that, I have a job that I love, that I am going back to college and that right now I am somewhat happy. I am a little nervous about going back and how I will take to being educated after 4 years of educating myself, not with travel or tourism but with life and becoming an adult. Has anyone else taken a break from education? How did you feel about going back?

I don’t normally write such personal posts but after writing all this down I feel great, I have went from freaking out to being calm. Maybe going back means I can go forward.


Shop The Post

Weekly Planner from Busy B – £8.99

Mesauda Cosmetics

Hey guys!

So this week I have been a little MIA, been crazy busy with work, college and now I have decided to re decorate our room just before am due to leave for London. Yes I am a little crazy if not a lot of crazy. Yeah so been super busy but I wanted to check in and share with you all this amazing new brand I have recently worked with, The brand is called Mesauda Cosmetics, they specialise in all things beauty, facial make up, lips, nails and accessories and this week they gave me a chance to try out their amazing desert sands bronzer.


I decided to test run the bronzer, when I went to my friends engagement party on saturday, the bronzer is very glittery when its on your skin, so I wouldnt use this for my normal day to day make up. I started out with my normal beauty routine and added on my Mesauda bronzer at the end. The smooth texture made it look as if I didnt have anything on, the only thing you could see was the sparkly glitter, which was perfect when I hit the dance floor I was all sparkly and even after all the dancing no top up was needed!


 I am extremely impressed with this product, I had so much fun trying out a new product and on every night out I will be wearing this!

I am a Contour Virgin!

Yes its true, hello my name is Amie Louisa and I am a contour virgin. For so many months, since the “craze” started, I have been unsure whether to try it or not, I guess I was happy with my make up routine and didnt know what the big deal was. So yesterday I went out and got my self the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour set, I got this at Boots for only £6.49.


I am going to try this out, do a step by step photo guide and review it for all those out there that like me haven’t tried it or maybe those who have and are looking to find a cheaper option.

In the set you get 3 powders, first is a highlighter (lighter powder), a bronzer (medium brown) and a sculptor (dark brown). The thing I love about this set is the little guide, contouring looks pretty easy from all the videos I have watched and is also easy to remember but its always good to have a little guide just in case.


OK so step 1 is to put your daily foundation on.

before and after

My before and after foundation shot

For step 2 we highlight our cheekbones, chin and the length of your nose, all the way up to the center of your forehead with the first powder in our Barry M set.


Next we move on to the medium brown,sweep this across your cheeks, forehead and nose.


Then we apply our last shade, the dark brown to the hollows of your cheeks, blending this out all the way to the ears, along your hairline and then down the sides of your nose.


Our final step is to add a little blush this just helps bring a little colour to your face, I am using the Collection blusher “Bashful”, this is my favourite blusher not too pink, its really pretty and it stays on all day.

Ok guys so can we have a drum roll please……..

Final result




Thats it we are done, by now your face should look very chiseled, I have to say I am rather impressed and I now I get what I have been missing out on. I think Barry M Contour set has earned a permanent place in my make up bag!. After you have done your face you can head onto doing your eyes and lips the way you normally do. I can’t believe the difference! I am very very happy to recommend this to everyone and anyone, the have really nailed the chisel cheek look and I cant believe I have just came across this.

You can get yours at Boots online or in store and if you do let me know how it worked for you and if you love it as much as I do.

Rockin’ the Cuff

One of the come back trends this year is the ear cuff. This trend has been around since the 90’s and has been pretty huge with celebs and runways since 2012. Its 2015 and its back (again). I am going to show you some of the cutest cuffs around just now!

I have chosen three cuffs from The Body Jewellery Shop, they have so many varieties from girly and glam to rock and roll! They don’t only do cuffs they have a full range of tongue bars, ear piercings and naval jewellery to!



First 2 pictures are the simple star cuff. This one was a little bit of a nightmare to put on but once its there it is so cute. This would look fabulous with a high messy bun or even a high sleek ponytail.

The third picture is a elegant swirl cuff. This is my favourite out of these three. It is so simple and yet it is so effective. This would look amazing with your hair swept to one side and styled in loose curls. I am going to wear this one to an engagement on Friday with my pink bodycon.

The last one I have chosen is zircon steel clip cuff, this is more of a casual cuff. I paired this with a half up,half down style and my blazer with my 3/4 length ripped jeans.

The great thing about cuffs is that earrings can be so boring and so last year!

With cuffs you don’t need to fear and embrace the needle you can transform your casual or glam look with one of these.

For as little as £1.99 The Body Jewellery Shop have got the best trendy cuffs right now and I have my eye on a few more!

Lady In Red – Kiss Cosmetics

Happy National Lipstick Day!

I have always loved the look of Kiss Cosmetics lipsticks, but when buying online I am always a little unsure if I will suit the colour and if it even looks like it does in the pictures.

While scrolling through Twitter, I noticed Kiss Cosmetics had posted a campaign poster, advertising their new Mini range. This means you can test one of their lipsticks out for £2.00 including postage!

What a fab idea. I was on their site within seconds picking out the colour I would love to try. I ended up choosing Lady in Red, it is a darker red than I normally choose, but I am going to an engagement party next week and I really want my lips to pop!

Kiss Cosmetics have always had reviews that state that their lipsticks last forever and the colour hardly fades. This is exactly what I was looking for, so since its National Lipstick Day and Kiss Cosmetics were so quick with their delivery and have sent me my gorgeous mini lipstick I am going to pop it on and do a little test.

unnamed (85)

unnamed (86)

So that is a few shots above of me with my Lady in Red on, I have to say it is stunning, it makes me feel so classy and important and ladies note this down, the boyfriend noticed how good it looks to!

I have had it on now for 5 hours now and as you can see it still looks great! It has obviously faded a little but it is red, it pops and I have been drinking, talking and going about my daily routine. Overall I agree with the reviews they have had, the colour really does stay with you all day and my lips look really good. Their new mini test idea is my new beauty must have, I can’t wait to try out more colours and pair them with all my shoes! 🙂

 unnamed (89)

DIY Wedding Gift/ Extra Wedding Gift

Who else is sick of giving the usual gift at a wedding? Money, spoons, photo frames?

Well my partner and I gave our best friends money, some in English and some for their honeymoon in Bali but also wanted to get them a little something they could keep and look back on. Our friend circle is quite big and they didn’t really get a chance to sit with us much, seeing as it was their day and they were dancing all night. So we took lots of pictures and I have went around and gathered them all up, got them printed and came up with in my eyes the best wedding present ever!

So once you have all your photos, you need to get a scrapbook, I got this cream one for £8.00 on Amazon, its really good perfect size and its blank so plenty of room for your special touches. You will also need some scrap book extras, like stickers, ribbon, flowers, anything you want really. You don’t want too much and you don’t want something that is bulky, otherwise your book wont close. DSCN2771

I got some crystal letters, silver wedding stickers, paper flowers (same colour as her bridesmaids) and I also got some wooden hearts, I actually got them from her wedding so I thought that would be a cute touch.  I got my scrapbook goodies from The Range, all of these were only £1.00 each.




Arrange your photos and stickers out first making sure that you are happy before you stick them down. Once you do a couple of pages you get into the swing of things and might not need to arrange and just let your creativity flow. I really enjoyed making this book and I think this is such a cute and unique extra little gift that you give the person. I am actually going to go around and get our friends to write a few words next to their picture, just as a little extra.

The book only costs £15 to make including the pictures being printed and I think with yourself making it, it really makes it special. So why not try something different and make your wedding gift this year, and if you are stuck for a wedding to go to, you can even try making one for another special occasion.

Happy Crafting Guys!

Cloudberry Living Haul!

I recently won a £100 voucher to spend online at Cloudberry Living. I was so excited to win this, my partner and I have been talking about getting our own little place for so long. Winning this voucher has pushed us in the right direction, we have decided to move in together in a year or so and we thought what better way to start than to to get free things for our house!

The first thing we got, this one will sound so silly to most people but my boyfriend loves glasses and jars he has a strange obsession with them lol. So he picked out this gorgeous water carafe’, I think its lovely, in my mind I thought it would look amazing when we have our first guests over. Eek!


Next we both choose these tumblers, my boyfriends family are all about whiskey and since living with them , I have to say I have grown rather fond of it myself. With these we decided that they would only be taken out for a very special occasion, being that they are £25 for 2 and if anyone broke one I would freak lol



This one was my choice, how cute are these? They are called love birds cups and I just cant get enough of them, they are so pretty and I love the oak stopper to keep your drink hot, I can only drink boiling hot tea, so this one is my favourite.



Finally we picked this, we wont be having kids for a while but we just loved this and we wanted to keep it really nice and give it to our son or daughter when the day came.


Phew who knew spending £100 could be so easy and so fast! I am so happy that I won this and I want to say thank you to Cloudberry and dont cramp my style for the opportunity. With all this luck floating around I am off to enter more!